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Running to Restore Hope

For Restoring Hope International 

Relay Iowa is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Restoring Hope Village, a series of homes for orphaned children in Welkom, South Africa. Restoring Hope Village provides a safe and loving environment for children who have faced neglect and abuse, aiming to meet their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

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The connection between Relay Iowa and Restoring Hope Village began when Bill Raine, cofounder and former director of Relay Iowa, volunteered at Restoring Hope in 2009. His experience there inspired him to create Relay Iowa as a means to support the village's mission to "break the cycle of illness and loss that leads these children to our care."
Restoring Hope Village primarily relies on private donations to sustain its operations, as government grants are small and inconsistent. Donations from churches, individuals, clubs, and even children help ensure the village can continue its vital work. Thanks to the contributions from the Relay Iowa community, Relay Iowa House and Jill’s House were dedicated in the summer of 2016, providing much-needed facilities for the children in Welkom.
For more information about their work and how to contribute, visit their website at
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