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Club 339 Results!

Club 339 levels

Level 1 = Crawler – You’re getting started with your first $339 raised.

Level 2 = Walker – You’re on your feet and moving with over $678 raised.

Level 3 = Jogger – Things are really starting to pick up speed with your fundraising with over $1,017 raised.

Level 4 = Strider – Don’t stop now because you’re really hitting your stride with over $1,356 raised.

Level 5 = Sprinter – You are out in front with over $1,695 raised. 

Team Standings

Team Name
Amount Raised
Level Achieved
Keep 'Er Movin'
Easier Said Than Run
Powered by Hamms
Hedgehogs United
Team Love Shack
High Fructose Corn Sweat
Fueled by Kolaches
Running Maniacs
Relay Rockets
Slithy Toves
Chiller Whales
Mooosh and Friends
Faster Than Sloths
It Was A Good Idea In February
The Young and the Rest of Us
Strong As Oak
Maximum effort is perceived as luck
Performance Enhancing Thugs
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